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About Our Company

Company Overview

In late 1960s, Mr. Ashiq Hussain and the team of six workers laid down the foundation of  Four Seasons Footwear. That is used in the making of shoes. Later his son Muhammad Rafiq steps into the business. And manage to take it on its peak with the team of 125 skilled workers. Their main focus was quality and comfort the company gradually was able to make success in their products. The company is manufacturing for the top leading brands of Pakistan.

How it made

Four Seasons defines the “comfort” label of its name soft leather with perfect details. And colors to perfectly match your wardrobe. The unique comfort of Four Seasons begins with our careful choice of material designs the softest leather and padding. And unlike many companies, we develop a separate last for each sizes and width. So every pair feels like it was made just for our customer.

Recently the company launched men’s hand made all leather shoes brand LA PELLE

Company's Strategy

Company’s strategy is to maintain its quality standards and make continuous improvement and new development in designs and comfort level. Due to its unique designing and combinations of materials company has an edge in the market which it wants to maintain. Managers and supervisors are strictly advised, trained to make product with the best inputs.  Each manager is responsible for the product development, marketing, sales growth and profitability of company. Recently company has come up with new plan to increase its brand basket as LA PELLE on which workings are being made.

Company is always ready to face marketing requirements of brands and respond to changing market dynamics in a timely manner. Company is also focusing on reducing inventory risk resulting from changing trends and product acceptance by obtaining orders for at least 50% of our products before each season.

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